7 Wise Things to Do When Renting an Office Space

Claire Hawthorn | June 3, 2019 | 0 | Business Services

As a growing start-up or small business, you should be wise in looking for an office hire Brisbane wide.


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Renting an office hire Brisbane has right now may be tricky. If you treat the hunting process like looking for an apartment, you might miss a couple of crucial aims.

Here are some tips to avoid committing crucial errors:


Choose one that’s nearby your staff

Think first of your staff’s comfort and not just your own. No one likes commuting for more than an hour, arriving at the office exhausted when they could just work at home. The purpose of getting an office hire Brisbane has today is streamlining things—so don’t be counterintuitive by choosing an office that’s far from your staff.

Check their parking area.

Don’t overlook this as it may also discourage your team. Employers often commit the mistake of forgetting to consider the parking spaces. So, ensure there are enough slots for everyone and they’re secured. It would also be great if there’s a bike storage.


Set a financial limit.

It’s always wise to follow a budget limitation. Although it’s a must to be thorough in choosing a rent office space Brisbane has nowadays, it’s better to stick to a limited budget. Think long-term. Will renting this office space put you in debt and hinder your company’s growth?

Think of additional expenses.

Just like renting properties, the rent is just a part of the entire expense. Extra payments add to it. So, when you’re setting a budget for a cheap office space Brisbane has nowadays, don’t forget to include them.

Ascertain the lease’s inclusions.

Make sure you’re paying for the right utilities you’ll be really using. It will help if the provisions are stated in the lease. You wouldn’t want the provider to charge you for stuff you didn’t know you were getting, such as property maintenance.

Determine who maintains it.

To add to the tip above, you should know who takes care of the area. This could add to your expenses. Does your landlord or landlady include the property maintenance to the rent? Clear things with them or else risk paying for extra expenses every month.


Decide if the amenities nearby suit you.

Finally, the amenities nearby the office space should complement your team’s needs and wants. What do your team usually do other than work? Are they a bunch of coffee shop lurkers? Gamers? Sports buffs?

Your staff will love working knowing there are cool amenities nearby to visit after work. It would be nice if the office space was nearby banks, parks, or grocery stores.


Choosing an office space can sometimes be tricky—but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. As long as your office checklist makes sense—and you follow the tips mentioned—then you’re off to a good start.

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