Ballroom, the centre stage of every wedding party

Claire Hawthorn | September 26, 2018 | 0 | Hotels & Travel

As you may be aware, after that momentous event which is the wedding, the next important event would be in the ballroom. This is because the ballroom is the place where the newly married couple would cut their wedding cake and also intimately dance to the excitement of the guests. Naturally, the wedding ballroom in Pattaya should be richly decorated so that the newly married couple and other guests would comfortably engage themselves in the dance.

Brief history:

It is said that traditional ballroom parties were held in the home of the bride or of the groom. The living room, drawing room and even the gallery of the spacious mansion were appropriately decorated to be used for the purpose.  However, in the course of time, the practice of holding ballroom sessions in the house is more or less given up. Now, a ballroom session is held in the exclusively built wedding hall.

Proper design and decoration:

The ballrooms are designed in such a way that guests attending the wedding party would also be able to participate in the dance. All these would imply that in a wedding hall, special care should be taken to design and decorate the ballroom. This matter can be further amplified as follows:

A place to dance: As already said, people assemble in the ballroom to dance and also to dine. Obviously, in a ballroom, flooring becomes an important issue. The flooring should be such that it is conducive for people to dance.  Normally, ballrooms should have decorated and durable flooring. As some event management professionals point out, luxury is an integral part of the ballroom. True to the tradition, a wedding ballroom in Pattaya may be decorated with flowers, entertaining artifacts, exclusive lighting facilities and so on.

Consider the number: Of course, the general principle is that ballrooms should be spacious. Meanwhile, choosing the ballroom is directly related to the number of guests. It would not be appropriate to have a large ballroom for limited guests or a small ballroom for large guests. Therefore, hire the wedding ballroom in Pattaya that is apt for the number of guests attending the wedding party.

Venue of wedding: If you are planning for a beach wedding, then you may look for suitable resorts having a ballroom with all the necessary facilities. Preferably, you may look for a resort located close to the beach, and that would be a wonderful experience.

Decoration and music: Decorate the ballroom as luxuriously as possible, of course keeping a tab on your budget. Look for a professional stage decorator so that he will give you a wide range of options to decorate not only the stage but also the entire venue of the ballroom. Ensure that the ballroom is adequately illuminated.

Open air: If you are going for a beach wedding, you may consider having the ball dance in a specially erected stage in the open air. You can resort to this alternative depending on the weather and again considering your budget.

Food at a closer location:

Traditionally, food was served within the precincts of the ballroom. However, in some of the wedding halls, the food is served in an annexed room. In any case, ensure the food is served at a location very close to the ballroom. All these would ensure the guests would take back with them the wonderful reminiscences of the wedding.